Join Team Action for the Yabba Dabba Do Fun Run!

Anyone who has been involved in my drug and alcohol treatment programs over the last 29 years knows that I love to make sobriety and recovery FUN! Life without drugs and alcohol is AMAZING and should be LIVED TO THE FULLEST! In the spirit of HAVING FUN IN RECOVERY Action is a sponsor for Weber [...]

Lucy and the 10 Percent Brain Myth Recently Hollywood released the new movie, "Lucy." A few weeks ago I caught the promo trailer for Lucy. There on the big screen I heard actor Morgan Freeman utter words we've all likely heard in one form or another numerous times—“It is estimated most human beings only use 10 percent of their brain’s capacity…Imagine [...]

Learn to Have FUN in Your Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery!

Those of you who know me as a Substance Abuse Counselor know that I place a HIGH priority on making FUN a big part of recovery. Yes, we must take our recovery work seriously, BUT we should never neglect healthy recreational activities. Drugs and alcohol are destructive outlets we turn to as an escape from [...]

Drunk Driver in South Ogden Takes Out Action Internet!

Every day at Action we have the privilege of helping struggling individuals progress down the amazing path that leads to a life free from the shackles of drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, we don't get the opportunity to help everyone. This really "hit" home on Friday when our Internet went down due to a drunk [...]

Stop Using Sheer Willpower to Break Free From Drugs & Alcohol!

When it comes to an addiction, people typically use one primary strategy in their attempt to break free—sheer willpower. The problem with this approach is that the struggling individual quickly gets trapped in the Avoidance Cycle. Here’s how the Avoidance Cycle works: You feel a craving or urge and start thinking about your drug of [...]