Fake Grass: The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

What is actually in synthetic weed? You'll be surprised. What is the high like? More surprises. Is it worth it? Check out this eye-opening article for answers— http://www.thefix.com/content/dangers-synthetic-marijuana   Don't miss our last blog—Kill the ANTs in Your Addict Brain:  http://actiontreatment.com/2014/09/29/kill-the-ants-in-your-addiction-brain/

Kill the ANTs in Your Addict Brain!

Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) crawling in the brain make addiction all the more difficult to overcome. In this YouTube audio, Action Director of Operations Mark Kastleman talks about how to use an "ant-eater" to clear these Automatic Negative Thoughts out of your mind.     Be sure to check out our last blogpost—How Perfectionism Fuels [...]

Happiness & Gratitude can be powerful antidotes for addictive behavior.

“Yeah, well, that’s easy for you to say,” someone told me once. But when you think about it, have you ever watched a truly grateful, happy person drown their sorrows in an all-night drinking binge? When was the last time you saw someone getting arrested for possession on the news? Did they look grateful or [...]

Powerful Brain Healthy Body Training at Action a BIG SUCCESS!

On Monday night we started our 6-week training program—Powerful Brain, Healthy Body! The upstairs group room was nearly full and the information presented by Dave Blomquist, Julie Hansen and Christina Johner was AWESOME! Over the next 5 weeks we will all be learning how to build new healthy eating habits, and easily and naturally get [...]

Drug Use Changes the Brain and Makes Us Stupid!

We all know one of the saddest consequences of using are the embarrassing, stupid and often destructive behaviors we engage in under the influence. Brain studies show that over time, drug use physically alters the brain, handicapping our Prefrontal Cortex where higher reasoning, logic and concern for consequences and future goals reside. This article highlighting [...]

Legalization of Marijuana is Sure to Produce Millions of New Addicts

While I'm not here to debate the pros and cons of the legalization of marijuana, as the director of a drug and alcohol treatment center, everyday I see the fallout that often comes from marijuana use. One of my deepest concerns with regard to legalization are the millions of new addicts that will surely come. [...]