The 10 Best Addiction Movies You’ve Never Seen

Almost from the beginning of Hollywood movie making, drug and alcohol use has been portrayed on the silver screen—at times glamorized, and thankfully on other occasions portrayed with the brutal reality and harsh consequences of addition. Here are 10 of the Best Addiction Movies You've Probably Never Seen—   Don't miss our last post—

Your Best Friend in Drug & Alcohol Recovery

Here at Action Recovery Group we are BIG believers in helping people in recovery build a strong support system around them. This includes our programs and staff here at Action; clean and sober family members and friends; 12-Step support groups; spiritual connections, and many others. With all of that said, there is one major support [...]

The “Vaping” Brain Reveals Clues to Smoking Addiction

British scientists are taking a look at the brains of people while they puff e-cigarettes, and they're learning a lot about smoking addiction! Once again we see that "addiction is addiction is addiction." Check out the study—   Don't forget to check out our last blog post—  

Where is Your Loved One in Their Drug or Alcohol Recovery “Motivation Cycle”?

"Why can't he just stop using?“ "Why won’t she change?” These are common questions/frustrations felt by those who love and care about individuals suffering with alcohol or drug addiction. The consequences of substance abuse are immense, yet the addict often doesn't want to recognize "life out of control" as a compelling enough reason to change. [...]

Smoking = 3 Times more Chronic Back Pain = Addiction

Check out the latest research on how smoking changes the brain is such a way that smokers are three times more likely to suffer from chronic back pain, which can also then lead to a higher vulnerability to addiction as a whole!   See our last blog post at—

Heroin Overdose Crisis Hits the U.S.

Here at Action Recovery Group we have seen a big increase in the number of individuals seeking help for heroin addiction. This is not just a northern Utah issue. Across the US, heroin use has more than doubled in the past decade, and so have overdose deaths. Check out this video for the details— [...]