New Year’s Eve—Don’t Let one night Ruin Your Recovery!

Well, as hard as it is to comprehend, another year is just about over! Yep, tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and we all know what that means—a PARTY!!!  The BIG question you must ask yourself is, "What kind of party will you be attending?" Will it be one that's tons of FUN without the use [...]

Is it time for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction “Intervention”?

During the Holidays a family member or friend's drinking or drug use can be especially difficult to deal with, disrupting to peace and harmony in the family, and painful in so many ways. If someone you care about is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it might be time for an "Addiction Intervention." Here's an [...]

A “Failure Environment” can Set You Up for Addiction!

Are you creating a "failure environment" that sets you up for addiction??? Here's an experience I had some years ago that might add some light to this question— Years ago I watched a championship boxing match. I don’t recall the names, the specific boxing federation, nor the weight class, but one thing I will never [...]

Prescription Drug Deaths increase 400% in Utah!

While Utah certainly has its share of traditional drug and alcohol addiction, there's also a "stealth" addiction in Utah—Prescription drugs. Unfortunately, some in Utah's conservative religious community who are abusing prescription drugs believe—"If a doctor prescribes it then it's legal, I'm not abusing it, and I'm not an addict." This naivete and denial often lead [...]

Mom Posts Facebook Photo of Drunk Son Covered In Vomit

Just in case we in recovery need to be reminded about the really STUPID, and potentially DEADLY decisions we've made in the past, and that we CAN make in the future if we don't keep actively WORKING our recovery, here's an article about vomit, neknominate and potential death—   Check out our last blogpost [...]

Wes Bentley—There’s Life After Heroin Addiction

Here at Action, we see a LOT of clients suffering with heroin addiction. When they first join our recovery program and community, they have a hard time imagining life completely free from their heroin dependency. But, with time and consistently working in their recovery, the previously impossible happens—they break free! Here's one of Hollywood's stars [...]

Alcohol & Drug Addiction—Pain Avoidance or Pleasure Seeking?

In my 29 years as a substance abuse counselor, I have often heard professionals and recovering addicts express the belief that drug and alcohol addiction are primarily about people running away from, avoiding and self-medicating the stress, pain and pressures of life. While I believe that this most certainly plays a significant role in addiction, [...]