Those of you in the recovery community know that at Action Recovery Group we have helped a lot of individuals in our drug rehab programs who are struggling with addiction to prescription painkillers. A lot of these good people started out with legitimate prescriptions after a back surgery or dealing with some other kind of pain. But, after months of use, many become dependent and can’t quit. Others can’t afford the prescriptions anymore and turn to Heroin use as a cheaper alternative.

Just one of the tragedies from this explosion in painkiller addiction is the Prescription Drug Overdose rates in the U.S. and in the Davis and Weber County and Ogden areas near the Action rehab center. Everyday in the U.S., 120 people die from drug overdose and another almost 7,000 a day end up in the emergency room! More than half of all these are from prescription drugs and most of these are painkillers!  Take a look at the Prescription Drug Overdose stats from the Centers for Disease Control—

If you or someone you love is addicted to prescription painkillers or has moved into heroin use, come to the Action drug and alcohol treatment center for a free professional addiction assessment today.


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