As a drug and alcohol treatment facility, we help struggling individuals with every kind of substance abuse you can imagine. We’re often asked, “What is the toughest drug addiction to overcome?” Or, “Which is harder for sobriety, alcohol addiction or drug addiction?” The answer is—it depends. Every person is different with their own unique biology, brain wiring, life history, use history, mental health issues, etc. There is no hard fast rule about which addiction is harder to beat.

The thing that gives the greatest hope for those wondering about drug or alcohol rehab, is that there is a tried and true recovery process that works for everyone—if they work it!  After 30 years of in-the-trenches drug and alcohol rehab program experience, Rick Visser and his Action professional team know how to help people get clean and sober and stay that way—regardless of the their drug-of-choice.

But, just in case you’re curious, here’s an article that takes a shot at what a ranking of the hardest to kick addictive drugs might look like—