Iran turns to American 12-Step to Fight Drug Addiction!

If you know Action Recovery Group's Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment programs, you know that we are big supporters of the 12-Step approach to overcoming addiction. While there are critics of the 12-Step philosophy, it continues to thrive in the U.S. and in many parts of the world. Now, it's being used in Iran of [...]

A Brain on Cocaine can’t see the Future!

As a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment facility, we obviously work with a lot of individuals struggling with many different kinds of substance abuse. And we also work with the families of the addicts—spouses, parents, siblings and others. Family members who have not experienced their own addiction struggles often feel confusion about how and why [...]

Shame Drives Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Waking up with a hellish hangover after a night of binge drinking, or coming out of the fog of another using episode—what is your "self-talk" like? "I'm such a loser; I'm just a piece of sh_t; I'll never amount to anything . . .."  This kind of talk is fueled by SHAME which is a [...]

Mixing Alcohol & Prescription Meds—Bad News!

As a drug and alcohol rehab facility here in Ogden, we of course help a lot of people struggling with alcohol addiction and addiction to prescription medications. While each addiction alone brings with it a host of problems and complications, things get really messy when people combine alcohol and prescription drugs together! This is especially [...]