One of the challenges we face as a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program is that these days drug use has become far more complex and creative than in past generations. Today, it’s not just the typical marijuana, cocaine and heroin. There’s meth, synthetic canabanoids like Spice and K-2, Ecstasy or Molly, myriad types of inhalants and even bath salts. It can be simple cough syrup or getting high off of vanilla extract or smoking nutmeg—and the list goes on and on.

And this spike in the use of all kinds of substances to get high is not just in the big cities, it’s happening all over the country. Here’s a story from the tiny town of Menasha in Wisconsin. It’s actually a wake-up call for parents and spouses right here in Northern Utah—

The signs of drug addiction can be hard to discern, let alone the exact drug-of-choice being used by the addict. If you suspect someone you love is caught up in drug or alcohol addiction and you don’t what to do next, we offer a free drug and alcohol addiction clinical assessment where one of our professionals will help you and your loved one determine the level of addiction and the best course for help. Our own drug and alcohol addiction rehab program here in Ogden Utah may be the right answer, or other options might be needed. We will help you identify the very best path of addiction recovery.