Our first priority in our drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs at Action Recovery Group, is to help our clients get clean and sober and stay that way! Once struggling individuals get on the path of sobriety their recovery journey is not done. Not only must they continue to stay in recovery to maintain their sobriety (that’s why Action has a 2-year Aftercare program), but often there are other addictions that surface.

These addictions are often called, “Behavioral Addictions” and include things like kleptomania, gambling, sex, Internet surfing, physical exercise and work. In addition to these, there are five other behaviors that make up “the dirty dozen behavioral addictions” as described by two leading researchers after 10 years of study. Petros Levounis and fellow lead author, Michael S. Ascher, a clinical associate in psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, have just released “The Behavioral Addictions,” a compilation of case studies of addictions unrelated to drugs or alcohol.

Check out the article and see if perhaps you might have some of these “behavior addiction”—http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-03-kleptomania-gambling-sex-physical-addictions.html

One of the great things about Action Recovery Group, is that the tools and methods our clients learn in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction can also be used to help with behavioral addictions. In many ways, “addiction is addiction,” and learning to break free from one can give you an enormous head start on overcoming others. If you would like to find out how serious your addiction or that of someone you care about, come into Action for a free Clinical Addiction Assessment. Our professionals will help you determine the very best course of action for your drug or alcohol addiction treatment.