If you spend any time with me or my professional staff here at Action Recovery Group’s drug and alcohol rehab program, you will quickly learn that a BIG premise in recovery is ‘YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE!” That’s why Step One of the 12 Steps is all about HONESTY—Admit that you by yourself, are powerless to overcome your addiction and that your life has become unmanageable. Sound familiar? If you’re an addict in recovery, you KNOW that this is true. After all, if you could’ve overcome your addiction on your own, you would’ve done it by now!

In a recent Parade Magazine article, Interventionist Ken Seeley from the A&E series Intervention, said, It is easy to think that you can do it alone, but that is truly the weaker answer. I encourage anyone struggling with an issue to ask for help. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Check out the entire Parade Magazine interview with Ken—http://parade.com/384578/stephaniestephens/interventionist-ken-seeley-you-cant-recover-from-addiction-alone/

If you or someone you love is overwhelmed by the heavy burden of drug or alcohol addiction, please don’t try to go it alone. Get into Action Recovery Group’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment program now! We know how to help you get clean  and sober and stay that way! After all, everyone on the Action professional team have been through their own addiction recovery experience—we know what you’re going through because we’ve all been there! Your first step is to come in for a no-cost Clinical Addiction Assessment. Call our offices at 801-475-4673 to schedule your appointment—you’ll be glad you did!


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