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What’s Your Addiction “Rock Bottom”?

So, one of the BIG questions that often comes up with drug and alcohol addiction is, “When do you know you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re ready to get into rehab?”

After 30 years as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor, I will tell you that “rock bottom” is different for everyone. For some, all it […]

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Addiction & the “Motivation Cycle”—Where are You?

“Why can’t he just stop using?“ “Why won’t she change?” These are common questions/frustrations felt by those who love and care about individuals suffering with alcohol or drug addiction. The consequences of substance abuse are immense, yet the addict often doesn’t want to recognize “life out of control” as a compelling enough reason to change. […]

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How Drinking can Thrash Your Health!

People often wonder, “Can drinking really hurt me?” The answer is “YES!” Regular drinking over prolonged periods of time can take a real toll on overall physical health and damage the body’s organs. Alcohol can also increase the risk of many heart-related and liver-related diseases, as well as the risk of many kinds of […]

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