Just who are alcoholics and drug addicts? What are they REALLY like?

Answers from Chris Lawford’s and Patrick Kennedy’s book What Addicts Know may surprise you, but not those of us who work with those struggling with these conditions on a daily basis. Addicts, generally speaking, are among “the most interesting, fascinating, and gifted people.”

This may contradict the views of some, but the experiences and observations of these relatives and co-authors shed important light on the REAL traits of addicts and alcoholics that are often ignored or unnoticed as people so often focus only on the negative behaviors associated with these diseases.

Speaking on the history of drug and alcohol treatment, Lawford said “people can and do recover-and do so magnificently-emerging from the ordeal far stronger and better prepared for life’s many and varied challenges. Check out the video and article—

Realizations from recovery that can help us all

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