The Big 5 Behavioral Addictions

The Big 5 Behavioral Addictions

Our first priority in our drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs at Action Recovery Group, is to help our clients get clean and sober and stay that way! Once struggling individuals get on the path of sobriety their recovery journey is not done. Not only must they continue to stay in […]

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Is Addiction a Disease?

When potential clients come to the Action Recovery Group’s drug and alcohol rehab center for an addiction assessment, they often ask about the idea of addiction being a disease. This concept is uncomfortable for some in the beginning of their recovery journey. Perhaps you have wondered about this as well. Disease is defined as—a condition […]

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Stop the Lies–Get Sober!

30 Years Helping Addicts Get Sober

For over 30 years I’ve been helping alcohol and drug addicts in Northern Utah get clean and sober. I help addicts move forward to live healthy, happy, successful lives. But, struggling addicts don’t often just come forward and happily enter treatment.

It Takes a Lot of Pain

It usually takes a roller […]

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6 Reasons to get Sober

As an Ogden drug and alcohol rehab facility, a lot of people come through our doors for our free Clinical Addiction Assessment. Sometimes it’s because they’re forced by a parent or spouse, or ordered by the courts. Other times it’s due to coming off a recent binge and they’re at the height of their “recovery […]

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Pain Pills and Heroin in Utah

I’m old enough to remember how popular heroin was in the 1960s. Even though it had been around for many decades, in the 60s the rate of heroin addiction in Utah and across the nation skyrocketed. Then in the 70s its popularity waned as it was replaced by other drugs of choice. But over the […]

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