30 Years Helping Addicts Get Sober

For over 30 years I’ve been helping alcohol and drug addicts in Northern Utah get clean and sober. I help addicts move forward to live healthy, happy, successful lives. But, struggling addicts don’t often just come forward and happily enter treatment.

It Takes a Lot of Pain

It usually takes a roller coaster ride of pain and consequences before they’re ready to step out of denial and into recovery. It’s not unusual for my professional team at the Action Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center to meet with an addict two or three times over several months before their continuing negative consequences finally wear them down to where they’re willing to get help.

As Addicts We Tell Lies

One of the biggest and most damaging habits of the typical addict is that we become habitual liars. Lying and addiction go together. In fact, alcoholism has been called “The Liar’s Disease.” Here’s an article featuring the writings of Stephen King on this subject—http://discoveringalcoholic.com/alcoholism/its-the-liars-disease

And here’s probably the truest song about drinking ever written—”I Lie When I Drink”—

If you or someone you love is sick and tired of “living a lie” and wants to get their life back, get into Action Treatment for a free Clinical Addiction Assessment with one of my professional team. Isn’t it time to start living the truth of who you really are?