If you’re a recovering addict and/or you work in the recovery field, you probably know there’s an ongoing tug-of-war, and sometimes a raging debate, about what is better—12-Step or traditional psychology?

Some in the psychology community have taken it upon themselves to bad-mouth and tear down 12-Step programs at every opportunity. Then there are those from the 12-Step community who want to dismiss mainstream psychology claiming that AA or CA or NA are all that is needed for recovery. Who is right???

At Action Recovery Group, we believe that BOTH approaches to recovery are essential, and when done “right” work in beautiful harmony to provide all that is needed for successful, long-term sobriety. My partner, friend and 30-year veteran Substance Abuse Counselor, Rick Visser, is a Master at combining the latest in brain science and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with long-standing 12-Step practices and principles. If anyone in the therapy community or in the 12-Step community doubts whether or not these approaches can and should be used together, just watch Rick in action and let the long-term success of his clients stand as all the evidence needed! There is absolutely no doubt that we need Brain Science AND 12-Step!

Here’s a recent Huffington Post article where Elisa Hallerman, a leading addiction therapist and recovering addict shares her experience using psychology and 12-Step together—http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elisa-hallerman/redefining-success-in-sob_b_7081144.html


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