New Study compares Smart Phones to Cocaine!

There’s a new study comparing cell addiction to cocaine! In fact, smart phone obsession and dependency is becoming such a huge issue that “Smart Phone Addiction Treatment” programs are popping up!Hopelessly AddictedFor nearly a third of all teens and young adults, smart phones have taken over their lives, leading them to disengage from school, work, […]

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Pain Pill Addiction

Pain pill addiction and accidental ODs in the U.S. are common, and in fact have reached epidemic levels. The crazy thing is how these addictions get started. The Mayo Clinic did a study on how many patients prescribed an opioid painkiller went on to get hooked on long-term prescriptions. The number is 1 in 4! […]

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2 Words Could Mean You’re an Addict

It’s very rare that someone actually sets out to become an alcohol or drug “addict.” The dependence and loss of control creep up on people, kind of like the story of the “boiled frog” that lounged comfortably in the nice warm water not noticing the ever-increasing temperature until it was too late. Before you know […]

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