It’s very rare that someone actually sets out to become an alcohol or drug “addict.” The dependence and loss of control creep up on people, kind of like the story of the “boiled frog” that lounged comfortably in the nice warm water not noticing the ever-increasing temperature until it was too late. Before you know it, you’ve gone from casual, recreational use to a real problem.

Two words that often indicate a drug or alcohol addiction problem are, “just when.” You start making excuses for when you’ll drink or use by declaring, “Just when I’m getting off work,” or “just when it’s the weekend,” or “just when I’m stressed out.” If you’ve reached the “just when” stage of drinking or using, there’s a good chance you’ve entered the realm of addiction and it’s time to get help—before it completely dominates your life!

Check out this Psychology Today article about the words, “just when” and falling into the trap of addiction—

If you’re not sure about the level of your addiction, or if you even have one, come in for a free Clinical Addiction Assessment. Find out from the professionals where you’re at and what you should do about it.


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