Date a Recovering Addict?

The baggage a recovering addict brings to any relationship can seem a bit overwhelming, but the truth is, an addict who has been through recovery may actually have some pretty impressive new credentials that might prove predictive of a very bright future. I mean, how many men and women have spent weeks, even months learning […]

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Adrenaline Junkies have Higher Addiction Rates!

Did you know that people who seek high-sensation experiences are more vulnerable to substance abuse? Why? It all has to do with a powerful neurochemical known as “adrenaline.”

Adrenaline Rush

We’re all familiar with adrenaline. It’s released whenever we feel strong emotions like excitement, danger or fear. An “adrenaline rush” occurs when our body senses danger and […]

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4 Utah Drug Statistics You Didn’t Know

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, Utah is not typically a state most people across the U.S. think of as having a serious problem. But there’s four statistics about Utah’s drug abuse problem that may shock you. Check out this article from Alpine Recovery Lodge:

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