Winter Blues and Addiction

The cold, shorter hours of daylight, being cooped-up indoors, and other aspects of winter can put many of us into a real “funk.” In fact, the winter blues can actually turn into a serious mental state known as “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or SAD.

If we’re not careful, winter can make us more vulnerable to relapsing back […]

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Addiction Can Wreck the Holidays!

The Holidays can be a BIG Addiction Trigger!

I know it’s nearly impossible to comprehend, but “Yes, the 2017 holidays are here!” And with all of the wonderful things about this time of the year, there can also be a “dark side” to the holidays—the triggering of addiction.

When you have loved ones with a drug or […]

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The Holidays are a “Bermuda Triangle of Addiction”

As we approach the Holidays which are generally a time of joy and celebration for most people we should keep in mind that holidays can also be equally hard as well for many of us. Holidays may be particularly difficult for individuals who are in recovery from addiction. The holidays, Thanksgiving,  Christmas and New Years have […]

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Addicts in Denial

If you’re close to an addict you know about the negative effects addiction can have. You may have put up with lies, manipulations, emotional attacks and perhaps even physical abuse. You likely deal with a lot of fear, sadness, pain and worry. As a result, it’s very common for a “co-addict” to experience depression and […]

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