3 Ways to Avoid Abusive Love Addiction

As a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center, you might be wondering why we’re talking about “abusive love addiction.” One of the things that can super complicate successful drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a dysfunctional relationship. When we work with struggling addicts, it’s hard enough to help them get clean and sober without adding […]

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Your Brain on Opiates

Here at Action, along with alcohol addiction we have a big focus on helping people break free from drug addiction. One of the greatest challenges our clients face is opiate addiction. After thousands of success stories we KNOW that with time in recovery, the addict brain can recover and rewire. It’s always great to see […]

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New Year’s Resolution—a Formula for Failure?

Well, here we are nearly two weeks into the new year–already! And with every new year comes the declaration of resolutions—things we weren’t able to overcome or achieve last year and so with revived hope and a dash of optimism, we move our goals and desires into the new year. Unfortunately, for most people, New […]

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