A very common “trap” in early drug and alcohol addiction recovery is what we call the “Pink Cloud.” In an article by Andrea King, a professor in the department of psychiatry and director of the Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory at the University of Chicago said this about the Pink Cloud—

“They really need to take it one day at a time,” King said. “Pink cloud is thought of as, ‘It’s pink, it’s a cloud and everything is great and I’m cured.’ And that’s often not the way it goes for most people.”

King said that kind of enthusiasm is common because there’s relief in being sober, but addicts often don’t recognize that the road ahead is going to be challenging. Pink cloud can act as a replacement high, King said. But if the addicts aren’t working toward recovery, they aren’t dealing with the emotions and triggers that led them to drink in the first place.

Check out the entire article here—http://www.redeyechicago.com/news/redeye-addiction-what-is-pink-cloud-20150408-story.html

As a drug and alcohol rehab facility, we often see the “pink cloud” syndrome with addicts early in recovery. If they’re not careful, some can assume that the euphoria of early recovery success means they’re “cured.” This is very dangerous because it often leads to relapse and in some cases an overdose. This is why a 2-year aftercare program is a critical part of our success in helping people get clean and sober and stay that way for the long haul!

If you or someone you love is trapped in drug or alcohol addiction, come and see us for a free clinical addiction assessment. At Action, we know what you’re going through because we’ve all been through our own addiction battles and recovery journey. We’ll help you get a plan of action to move forward and get your life back!