We’ve all seen the tabloids plastered with the latest juicy gossip about another celebrity drug scandal, drunken brawl or fifth visit to rehab. Miraculously, there are actually celebs that get clean and stay that way! Here’s a list of 29 top celebrities who did just that—http://ibnlive.in.com/news/10-hollywood-actors-that-have-battled-some-serious-addiction-issues-and-come-out-clean/543478-79.html

The great news is, you don’t have to be a Hollywood Celebrity to break free from drug or alcohol addiction. AND, you don’t have to go to some “celebrity country club/rehab facility” and pay through the nose to get your life back. Right here in South Ogden, Action Recovery Group is one of the most effective programs in the U.S., lead by one of the nation’s leading Substance Abuse Counselors—Rick Visser! For over 30 years, Rick and his team have been helping addicts get clean and sober and stay that way for life!

And more good news is that Action’s programs won’t cost you a celebrity’s fortune. We accept most insurance plans, and if you don’t have insurance, we have very affordable discounted cash-pay rates.

So, the first step to the rest of your amazing life is to get into Action for a free Addiction Assessment. Our professionals will help you decide on the very best recovery path for YOU!


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