Action Free Family Education & Support Group

Alcohol and drug addiction happens to the best of families. The more a family can learn about alcohol and drug addiction, the more they can help their struggling loved one, as well as themselves.

Every Monday night, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, one of Action’s professional team presents vital education and support to parents, spouses and […]

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How is Drug Addiction Affecting Your Family?

A big part of recovery success nearly always includes the involvement of the addict’s family. Here at Action Recovery Group, along with a very strong focus on the recovery of the individual, we also provide a lot of education, support and healing opportunities for spouses, parents and other family members. This is essential because addiction […]

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What’s Harder—Recovery or Addiction?

Have you “dabbled” in recovery?

For years I “dabbled” in recovery—trying for awhile but always running back to my addict brain’s go-to-solution for self-medication and self-soothing in the face of life’s pressures and my own unwanted feelings and emotions. Whenever I couldn’t cope with life, I became a sort of “Houdini”–an “escape artist.”

What has your addiction taken […]

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