Here at Action Recovery Group, a LOT of people come into our drug and alcohol rehab program because they have tried a thousand times to overcome drug or alcohol addiction on their own and they just keep failing! It is very typical for struggling addicts to use one primary strategy in their attempt to break free—sheer willpower. The problem with this approach is that the struggling individual quickly gets trapped in the Avoidance Cycle. See if the description below rings true for you or someone you care about—

The Avoidance Cycle

You feel a craving or urge and start thinking about your drug of choice. You try to force the thoughts out of your mind. But the more you resist these unwanted thoughts, the more difficult and impossible it becomes. The thoughts become intrusive. At times, it’s extremely difficult to think of anything else. Constantly “going to war” with these thoughts eventually wears you down. And you discover that “giving in” provides you temporary relief from the battle.

But then, after the event is over, you feel frustrated, disappointed and angry. So, you make a new vow—“OK, that’s the last time I’m going to give in to that. Next time I’ll try even harder!” Of course, when the urge hits again, the whole cycle starts over—resisting for awhile, then finally giving in, and then emerging from the experience frustrated with a new determination to do better next time. You’re stuck in the Avoidance Cycle. Often, an individual can spin around and around in this cycle for years. But, you don’t have to stay in this trap—there is a way out. But it’s not through sheer willpower! There are time-tested tools and strategies that will help you break free, and that’s what Action Recovery Group is all about. If you or a loved one has tried countless times to break out of drug or alcohol addiction using sheer willpower, and you just keep failing, maybe its time to get some real help in one of our drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs. Take the first step and call us for a free Clinical Addiction Assessment. You don’t have to stay stuck in the Avoidance Cycle!

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