Although it’s hard to believe, summer 2018 is closing fast! And if you or someone you love has a drinking or drug problem, then it’s likely been a summer of “party on dude!” and worry about the consequences later. Well, “later” is here—it’s called “the end of summer.” So what now? Do you get serious about finding some real help and actually starting a legit treatment program? Or do you just make some new excuses, rationalizations or justifications and take your addiction right on into the fall season and the upcoming holidays? Will you “keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result,” (the definition of insanity), or will you actually take real steps to make a real change in your life?

Part of You Doesn’t Want to Stop Drinking or Using

One of the greatest challenges with drug and alcohol use is there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to give it up, regardless of the lousy continuing negative consequences. That part of you is your brain’s survival mechanism, fight or flight—your pleasure/reward system. This is the part of your brain designed to protect you from danger and keep you in a healthy balance by letting you know when you have a need for eating, sleeping, making love, recharging, renewing and recreation.

The survival/pleasure-driven part of your brain is not bad or evil. It’s actually essential to your health, wellbeing and happiness. But, somewhere along the way your brain was “rewired” to seek out drugs or alcohol as a way to cope and escape the stress and pressures of life. At some point in the past, the survival part of your brain “learned” that whenever it feels BLASTed—bored or burned-out; lonely; angry, anxious or afraid; stressed or tired, the most instant and powerful solution for escape and self-soothing is alcohol or drugs.

Beside all the negative consequences to your life, health and relationships, one of the most unfortunate results of addiction is that it severely slows down or even stops your personal growth, development, maturity and happiness. Every time you turn to drugs or alcohol as an escape or coping solution, that means you’re not learning self-discipline, delayed-gratification and how to seek healthy, uplifting, true-happiness-generating solutions that could greatly bless your life and those you love. Escape through addiction puts you in a downward spiral that just gets more miserable with time.

The great challenge is that once the survival part of your brain comes to depend on alcohol or drugs to get through its most challenging times, it doesn’t want to let that crutch or safety blanket go! In fact, the idea of actually living without your drug-of-choice scares that part of your brain to death! So, it works to protect the addiction by making excuses, procrastinating, denying, rationalizing and just plain refusing to get help and get sober.

So, another summer of drinking and using is over and now you have to decide whether you’re going to allow your addict brain to continue dominating your life right into the fall and holidays, or if you’re going to stand up for yourself and get the help you need?

The Good News—Your Brain is Moldable and Changeable!

You may be wondering, “How in the world could there be any good news in all of this?” The good news is—your brain is moldable and changeable—you’re not stuck with your addiction wiring! Just as your brain learned over time to link pain and discomfort to the escape of drinking or using, you can learn how to cope and thrive in life through healthy choices and outlets. Of course, this is not easy or automatic. It takes work and a dedication to effective principles and practices over time. You need to learn how to get below the surface of your addiction to the real “core causes” of why you seek out self-medication in the first place. Addiction is only a symptom of much deeper issues, and you can learn how to uncover and heal these issues.

You can also learn to start “thinking differently” about life’s challenges, your relationships, and about yourself. There are specific tools and skills that when consistently practiced will allow you to actually “rewire” your addict brain and build new, healthy circuitry that promotes a happy, healthy, successful life! The crazy part is, you’ve already been using some of these tools and principles in building your addiction. You’re simply not aware of what they are or how to consciously direct and apply them. I like to say, “The same kind of brain processes that got you into your addiction can help get you out!”

 Make the Rest of 2018 Your Best Life Ever!

Summer is over. Are you going to allow your addiction to keep you enslaved right into the fall season and the holidays? It’s time to take back your life! You can do it—you have everything you need already built-in to your amazing brain and magnificent soul! Let us guide you in learning how to get clean and sober and stay that way for life! Make the rest of 2018 your best life ever!

The first easy step is to call us at 801-475-4673 for a Free Clinical Addiction Assessment. We’ll help you determine the very best course of action going forward. We accept most insurance plans, and if you’re uninsured or can’t afford treatment, we have Financial Aid Scholarships available.