From time to time, I notice various treatment programs and therapists criticizing the 12 Steps as “ineffective” or “outdated.” When I dig deeper I typically find one or more of the following to be true—

1.  The 12-Step critic is trying to market, sell or promote some kind of alternative treatment philosophy to gain exposure, notoriety and make money.

2.  The 12-Step critic has NEVER actually immersed themselves in the program and “done it right.” If you want to see 12-Step implemented at the highest level, join 30+ year veteran addiction counselor Rick Visser at Action Recovery Group! There’s a reason his patients have such a high long-term sobriety success rate—He guides them through the 12 Steps THE RIGHT WAY! At the same time Rick integrates within his treatment program, effective supporting methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brain Science, relaxation and stress management, emotional processing and more. The point is, 12-Step harmonizes and acts as the rock-solid foundation and long-term support for all of these methods!

3.  The 12-Step critic does not believe that a Higher Power has any place in the recovery process. All I can say is “This philosophy speaks for itself.”

The 12 Steps are a remarkable, inspired, time-tested and proven, highly effective recovery model. All one must do is fully immerse and commit, complete each Step properly, and stick with it! IF YOU WORK THE PROGRAM, THE PROGRAM WORKS!

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