Holidays can be a big trigger for us addicts. One we don’t often think about is Halloween. It’s a holiday we learned to love early on as kids. We could put on a mask and be anything–a princess, a ninja, a villain or superhero, a monster. Even as adults we still love the idea of “being in costume.” At Halloween parties we become sexy nurses, evil pirates, 70’s rock stars. One stat you may not be aware of is that on Halloween, alcohol consumption overall increases by 30%! Among college students dressed up in costumes, it’s even higher! It’s a toxic mixture of fantasy, alcohol and anonymity. In fact, in 2015 there were 30% more ER visits due to drug and alcohol use on Halloween than on New Year’s Eve!

Check out this article—Drunk on Halloween:  Behind the Mask. And PLEASE be safe and sober out there Halloween night!!!

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