Here’s an excerpt from a great article on setting a “Reverse New Year’s Resolution,” or “How to Stay Clean and Sober”—

. . . if you approach it on a moment-to-moment basis, with head down and vision focused on the here and now, lasting sobriety can be achieved, one tiny piece at a time. Only at the end of the year, after you have been treading a righteous, safe and unimpaired path for so long that you can’t imagine doing anything else, then and only then should you take time out to look back and reflect on the astounding thing you have accomplished.

You can call this a reverse New Year’s resolution if you like. Or you can just abandon the whole New Year’s resolution concept and say you turned your life around by taking it one step—one day—at a time, by living each day to its fullest and refusing to backslide into madness.

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