Love is in the air!

With Valentines Day around the corner “love is in the air.” But love can take many different forms, even the face of addiction. You may be wondering, what does “love addiction” have to do with Action Recovery Group, a drug and alcohol rehab facility???  One of the things that can create a MAJOR barrier to drug and alcohol addiction recovery—getting clean and sober and staying that way—is the complications of relationships—especially love interests! This is why our recovery program Director, Rick Visser, advises clients to avoid getting into serious relationships for the first year in recovery. Why? Because battling with two major addictions at once—drug and alcohol addiction AND a love addiction—makes recovery REALLY HARD!

Love Addiction

Here’s an excerpt from a recent article on Love Addiction. See if you can relate—

This love addiction comes from experiencing all these great highs and then wanting that feeling to stay there forever. So we try to hang around with our love interest as much as possible so we can maintain that high.

We drop our own hobbies and interests, we stop hanging out with our friends, and we basically spend less time doing things for ourselves in order to spend more time with this person who we get such elated feelings from being around. Pretty soon we find our love interest out doing things by themselves while we’re sitting at home waiting by the phone and going through their Facebook profile photos for the tenth time that day.

It is at this point where it is safe to say that we have crossed over into codependent territory. We are completely relying on our love interest to provide us with happiness. We have lost our sense of self.

To read the full article, go here—

Be Aware of “Co-Dependency” in Relationships

Now, this doesn’t mean that no one in recovery can have a serious relationship. BUT, if you’re in recovery and believe that your love interest may be approaching the level of an addiction, or “co-dependency” you should seriously consider whether or not it’s in the best interest of your own recovery success to try and take on both at the same time!