As a drug and alcohol rehab program, it’s our daily privilege and opportunity to work hand-in-hand with those who struggle with drug addiction. In virtually ever case, those in recovery have multiple friends and/or family members who have died from an overdose. With drug use comes the all-too-familiar and tragic reality of OD death. A Huffington Post article expresses an OD danger that we see on a regular basis—

“The other time overdoses most often strike is when people return to use after achieving a period of abstinence. It’s awful. For a moment it looked like there was hope, the light had returned to their eyes, and they had a whole new life ahead of them. And then one phone call erases all of it.” (Here’s the full article—

Seeing an individual successfully complete initial treatment and achieve sobriety is a wonderful thing. BUT, it is NOT the end of the recovery road! In fact, it is only the beginning. Long-term sobriety and recovery success is absolutely dependent on the addict engaging in long-term Continuing Care. This is why at Action Recovery Group we place huge emphasis on our clients participating in our continuing care programs for 2 years. And even after that, we strongly recommend that they continue to participate in our alumni community activities and support.

If you or someone you love needs recovery support, please have them come in for a free Clinical Addiction Assessment. And PLEASE make sure that they have a “long-term recovery mindset.” Being clean and sober, and living a happy, peaceful, successful life is absolute possible, BUT it takes more than just an initial rehab program. At Action, we build a long-term support system around you and your family so that you have the best possible chance for a lifetime of freedom from addiction. And speaking of support for the families of addicts—Every Monday night at Action, from 7-8 pm, we offer a FREE Family Education and Support Group!