Mother’s Day was yesterday and a real mix of emotions for addicted mothers. At Action Recovery, we find great satisfaction in helping people from all walks of life break free from addiction, and some of our greatest joy comes when we help addicted mothers escape the hell of addiction and reclaim their lives for themselves and for their children.

Addicted Mothers can be a ‘taboo topic”

Here’s an excerpt from a past article in the Huffington Post on Mothers Struggling with Addiction—

Being someone in recovery is not always easy, however, being a mother in recovery brings a whole new cluster of challenges. Mothers in recovery struggle with many challenges. They are working to overcome their addiction, often facing their own physical or emotional abuse issues, sometimes going through several failed attempts to reclaim their lives, and trying to rebuild families in the aftermath of addiction. The topic of addicted mothers is often a taboo subject and often not discussed openly at the dinner table. Bringing awareness to this issue means talking about the reality of addiction and shedding some light on the success stories of mothers overcoming their addiction.

Be sure to check out the entire article—

The Gift of Motherhood

Here’s the closing lines from the article, and we couldn’t agree more—Addiction is a major stumbling block that keeps the generous gift of Motherhood from flowing freely and uplifting life. If you are a Mom and addicted to drugs, there are so many positive resources for you. Reach out to someone, ask for help, and live your life as fully and meaningfully as possible.

If you’re a mom struggling with addiction, or you know one who is, please come in for a free Addiction Assessment and take the first step to getting your life and your happiness back!