After more than 30 years in the trenches as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor, I can tell you that perhaps that most important thing you and I can do to help addicts in recovery is “tough love.” If we try to soften, protect them from, or help them avoid the natural consequences of their choices, we only “enable” their ongoing destructive behaviors and help keep them trapped.

We can love those who struggle with addiction and at the same time take the bold, courageous, firm approach that will help lead and guide them out of their darkness. In fact, I would say that a sign of truly loving these individuals IS our willingness to set aside what’s “easy” and comfortable, and take the firm approach they need.

There’s an amazing story about a caring pharmacist how had the courage to show the “tough love” that literally saved an addict’s life and formed a friendship that has lasted to this day. Here’s a brief excerpt—

As the Anchorage Wellness Court recently recognized Catherine Adcock for the strides she’s made in addiction recovery, Deb Hageter watched from the back of the room. She stood to support her new friend: a woman whose arrest she triggered three years ago.

In 2012, Hageter, a pharmacist in Palmer, made the phone call that led to dozens of prescription fraud and drug possession charges against Adcock. It also led to an unlikely friendship between the two women, a bond both say will last.

Adcock says Hageter’s call saved her life.

Check out the entire article, it’s amazing!—

If someone you care about is struggling with addiction and you’re not sure how to proceed, get them into Action for a free Clinical Addiction Assessment. Together we can help them choose the very best recovery pathway going forward.