How does opioid addiction get started?

Pain pill addiction and accidental ODs in the U.S. are common, and in fact have reached epidemic levels. The crazy thing is how these addictions get started. The Mayo Clinic did a study on how many patients prescribed an opioid painkiller went on to get hooked on long-term prescriptions. The number is 1 in 4! The study also found that people who smoke or abuse drugs are the most likely to abuse painkillers long-term.

How can you tell if a loved one is abusing pain pills?

The worst part about the pain pill addiction trend is that more people are experiencing fatal overdoses from opioid painkillers than heroin and cocaine combined! So how do you protect your family from this crazy epidemic? How can you tell if a love one is abusing pain pills and is on the path toward addiction or already hooked? Check out this guide from the Mayo Clinic—

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