When you love someone who struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, your relationship can often feel like a cycle between honeymoons and hurricanes! We’re heading into the hurricane season here in the U.S. Imagine one day you’re enjoying the beautiful weather of early fall—blue skies, a gentle breeze, moderate temperatures. Then suddenly, you get news that a hurricane is brewing offshore. You hunker down and brace yourself for the worst and hope you’ll survive! Sometimes the damage is minor, while other times the aftermath is a disaster, leaving you to clean up a huge mess and try to recover from the physical, financial and emotional trauma!

Loving someone who struggles with addiction can be like this. One moment things are good, or even “honeymoon-like.” Then suddenly the weather changes and before you know it, you’re in the middle of an emotional and relational hurricane! Afterward, once again you find yourself trying to recover as you “clean up the mess.”

If this sounds all too familiar, check out an article from PsychCentral. It’s called, The Hurricane and the Honeymoon. It could give you some insights into helping your loved one and yourself get off the addiction roller coaster ride!—http://psychcentral.com/lib/the-hurricane-and-the-honeymoon/

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