Drug and Alcohol Addiction Deceive Us! 

Early in the recovery process, a common challenge is giving up the booze or drugs that your “addict brain” convinced you were necessary to “be all that you could be.” Often an addict will make comments like, “When I drink I’m the life of the party! But when I’m sober I’m shy and scared.” Or this one—”When I’m high I’m fearless in hooking up with girls (or guys), but sober I’m a coward.” Too often, drinking and using are seen as the “magic elixir” that turns a shy mortal into a social super hero!

Sobriety & Recovery Allow You to Grow into Your True Self!

The problem is, the magical transformation only lasts a few hours or a night, and then comes tomorrow and the “old” you with all of your fears, anxieties, inadequacies, etc. What’s so amazing about addiction treatment and recovery is that many people find they can actually grow into the person they always drank or used to become—they can actually do it as part of a very healthy, natural evolving process. And guess what—when you naturally grow into your “real self” sober, it doesn’t disappear the next morning—it’s actually you! And others in recovery discover that who they thought they wanted to be was a “false self” that wasn’t them at all!

Check out this great blog article by a recovering addict who found she could become her authentic self without the crutch of using—https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/after-party-chat/201510/becoming-the-person-i-drank-be

If you or someone you love needs help breaking free from drug or alcohol addiction so you or they can step into your truest and highest self, reach out to us for a free professional addiction assessment at our Intensive Outpatient facility in South Ogden.