Winter Blues and Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

The cold, shorter hours of daylight, being cooped-up indoors. These and other aspects of winter can put many of us into a real “funk.” In fact, the winter blues can turn into a serious mental state known as “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or SAD. If we’re not careful, winter can make us more vulnerable to relapsing back into drug and alcohol use. If you’re experiencing winter blues and need help for drug and alcohol addiction, we can help. First of all, there are some immediate tips you can put to work.

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg’s Tips to Help with SAD

My friend, Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg, has four awesome tips to overcome this pesky disorder. These can help you to stay clean and sober this winter and during the holiday season!—

You Can’t Break Out of Addiction by Yourself–and You Don’t Have to!

Sometimes, our seasonal depression can get the best of us and we turn to our “drug of choice” for escape and self-soothing. This temporary so-called “solution” can literally take over our minds. Before we know what’s happened, it can plunge us into a relapse crisis. We can’t climb out of our “addiction hole” without help! If you find yourself trapped, you don’t have to go it alone!

Here at Action, we’re all in our own successful long-term recoveries. We know what’s it’s like to be where you are now because we’ve been there! And we know HOW to help you heal and regain your freedom! If someone you love is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, there are some very specific ways you can help them. Check out this article for some guidlines—

Don’t Put Off Getting Help Until After the New Year!

One challenge during this time of the year is to put off getting help until after the New Year. We may think, “I’m just too busy during the Holidays.” “I’ll wait until January to get some help.” The problem with this reasoning is that the Holidays can trigger and exaggerate drug and alcohol use. By the time January comes around, the addiction is worse than ever!

There’s no reason to “go-it-alone” during this tough time of year. You don’t have to wait to get the help you need. Come in and sit down with us and we’ll help you create an action plan to get and stay sober–for life!