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Winter Blues and Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Winter Blues and Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction The cold, shorter hours of daylight, being cooped-up indoors. These and other aspects of winter can put many of us into a real "funk." In fact, the winter blues can turn into a serious mental state known as "Seasonal Affective Disorder" or SAD. If we're not [...]

Loving an Addict—Honeymoon & Hurricane!

When you love someone who struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, your relationship can often feel like a cycle between honeymoons and hurricanes! We're heading into the hurricane season here in the U.S. Imagine one day you're enjoying the beautiful weather of early fall—blue skies, a gentle breeze, moderate temperatures. Then suddenly, you get news [...]

4 Utah Drug Statistics You Didn’t Know

When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, Utah is not typically a state most people across the U.S. think of as having a serious problem. But there's four statistics about Utah's drug abuse problem that may shock you. Check out this article from Alpine Recovery Lodge: https://www.alpinerecoverylodge.com/utah-drug-abuse-statistics/ If you or someone you love is [...]

Adrenaline Junkies have Higher Addiction Rates!

Did you know that people who seek high-sensation experiences are more vulnerable to substance abuse? Why? It all has to do with a powerful neurochemical known as "adrenaline." Adrenaline Rush We're all familiar with adrenaline. It's released whenever we feel strong emotions like excitement, danger or fear. An "adrenaline rush" occurs when our body senses [...]

How Can You Tell if a Loved One is Abusing Pain Pills?

How does opioid addiction get started? Pain pill addiction and accidental ODs in the U.S. are common, and in fact have reached epidemic levels. The crazy thing is how these addictions get started. The Mayo Clinic did a study on how many patients prescribed an opioid painkiller went on to get hooked on long-term prescriptions. [...]

“God Don’t Make No Junk!”—Standing Up for Yourself in Recovery.

One of the great challenges in drug and alcohol addiction recovery is the shame we feel when we consider all that we have lost to addiction, and how we have hurt those we love. Facing up to and feeling legitimate remorse for past mistakes can be very healthy, especially when this feeling motivates us to [...]

From Heroin Using Bank Robber to Family Man

Every day at Action Recovery Group we see small miracles—individuals who have struggled for years with drug or alcohol addiction—starting to get their lives back, one-step-at-a-time. Many come into our drug and alcohol rehab program with a trail of wreckage in their past drinking and using lives—damage to health, family, friends and relationships; loss of [...]