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From Heroin Using Bank Robber to Family Man

Every day at Action Recovery Group we see small miracles—individuals who have struggled for years with drug or alcohol addiction—starting to get their lives back, one-step-at-a-time. Many come into our drug and alcohol rehab program with a trail of wreckage in their past drinking and using lives—damage to health, family, friends and relationships; loss of […]

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Memorial Day and the Addiction Battle

One of the Most Sacred Days of the Year

Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day, which means a much anticipated 3-day weekend that occurs every year right around the end of school and the start of summer. It means camping, BBQs, yard work and family get-togethers. But for many, it means a whole lot more than that—especially […]

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No Matter How Deep and Dark the Hell of Addiction: There IS a WAY OUT!—Chad Lundell Interview

The Dark Hell of Addiction

Chad Lundell talks raw and real about his journey from the dark pit of addiction to the love and light of recovery. During his darkest times, Chad was using and dealing daily. This led to the destruction of family and friend relationships, a complete loss of peace, purpose and self-worth, and […]

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Addicted Mothers

Mother’s Day was yesterday and a real mix of emotions for addicted mothers. At Action Recovery, we find great satisfaction in helping people from all walks of life break free from addiction, and some of our greatest joy comes when we help addicted mothers escape the hell of addiction and reclaim their lives for themselves […]

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Addiction—Seeking Pleasure or Avoiding Pain?

Hi, this is Rick Visser. In my 30 plus years as a substance abuse counselor, I have often heard professionals and recovering addicts express the belief that drug and alcohol addiction are primarily about people running away from, avoiding and self-medicating the stress, pain and pressures of life. While I believe that […]

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Prevent Overdose Deaths!

As a drug and alcohol rehab program, it’s our daily privilege and opportunity to work hand-in-hand with those who struggle with drug addiction. In virtually ever case, those in recovery have multiple friends and/or family members who have died from an overdose. With drug use comes the all-too-familiar and tragic reality of OD death. A […]

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Do you have a “Love Addiction”?

Love is in the air!

With Valentines Day around the corner “love is in the air.” But love can take many different forms, even the face of addiction. You may be wondering, what does “love addiction” have to do with Action Recovery Group, a drug and alcohol rehab facility???  One of the things that can create […]

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Are You Truly Motivated to Recover?

“Why can’t he just stop using?“ “Why won’t she change?” These are common questions/frustrations felt by those who love and care about individuals suffering with alcohol or drug addiction. The consequences of substance abuse are immense, yet the addict often doesn’t want to recognize “life out of control” as a compelling enough reason to change. […]

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Holiday Blues and Addiction

We all know that the holidays can be a time of ups and downs emotionally. We can feel loneliness,excitement, anxiety, happiness, sadness and joy—all one right after the other! It can be like an emotional roller coaster ride! The worst part is the these “holiday blues” can make us more vulnerable to drug and alcohol […]

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Drunk on Halloween–the Mask

Holidays can be a big trigger for us addicts. One we don’t often think about is Halloween. It’s a holiday we learned to love early on as kids. We could put on a mask and be anything–a princess, a ninja, a villain or superhero, a monster. Even as adults we still love the idea of […]

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