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Addiction Recovery is 1-2-3

Recently I had a client boldly declare, “Recovery is as easy as 1-2-3!” Of course, very curious to learn what exactly he meant by that, I replied, “Tell me more.”

Enthusiastically he responded, “You know, 1-2-3—the first three Steps in AA. You just keep using those three steps over and over again in daily life.”

I have […]

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12 Steps and Brain Science

If you’re a recovering addict and/or you work in the recovery field, you probably know there’s an ongoing tug-of-war, and sometimes a raging debate, about what is better—12-Step or traditional psychology?

Some in the psychology community have taken it upon themselves to bad-mouth and tear down 12-Step programs at every opportunity. Then there are those from […]

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Prevent Overdose Deaths!

As a drug and alcohol rehab program, it’s our daily privilege and opportunity to work hand-in-hand with those who struggle with drug addiction. In virtually ever case, those in recovery have multiple friends and/or family members who have died from an overdose. With drug use comes the all-too-familiar and tragic reality of OD death. A […]

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The Big 5 Behavioral Addictions

The Big 5 Behavioral Addictions

Our first priority in our drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs at Action Recovery Group, is to help our clients get clean and sober and stay that way! Once struggling individuals get on the path of sobriety their recovery journey is not done. Not only must they continue to stay in […]

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Is Addiction a Disease?

When potential clients come to the Action Recovery Group’s drug and alcohol rehab center for an addiction assessment, they often ask about the idea of addiction being a disease. This concept is uncomfortable for some in the beginning of their recovery journey. Perhaps you have wondered about this as well. Disease is defined as—a condition […]

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6 Reasons to get Sober

As an Ogden drug and alcohol rehab facility, a lot of people come through our doors for our free Clinical Addiction Assessment. Sometimes it’s because they’re forced by a parent or spouse, or ordered by the courts. Other times it’s due to coming off a recent binge and they’re at the height of their “recovery […]

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction on Valentines Day

As a Drug & Alcohol Rehab facility, we know that Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for those struggling with substance abuse and also for their family and friends. From heart-shaped cookies at the local coffee shop, romantic music in the grocery store or dinner specials for two advertised on the bus, it is […]

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Do you have a “Love Addiction”?

With Valentines Day around the corner “love is in the air.” But love can take many different forms, even the face of addiction. You may be wondering, what does “love addiction” have to do with Action Recovery Group, a drug and alcohol rehab facility???  One of the things that can create a MAJOR barrier to […]

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Recovery Means Not Dreading Holidays

Twenty years ago, I hated the holidays and feared what my brother would do. But then he sobered up and I got my big brother back. Along the way, I discovered the Twelve Steps. I guess miracles really do happen. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?


Check out our last post—

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Holiday Blues and Addiction

We all know that the holidays can be a time of ups and downs emotionally. We can feel loneliness,excitement, anxiety, happiness, sadness and joy—all one right after the other! It can be like an emotional roller coaster ride! The worst part is the these “holiday blues” can make us more vulnerable to drug and alcohol […]

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