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Pain Pill Addiction

Pain pill addiction and accidental ODs in the U.S. are common, and in fact have reached epidemic levels. The crazy thing is how these addictions get started. The Mayo Clinic did a study on how many patients prescribed an opioid painkiller went on to get hooked on long-term prescriptions. The number is 1 in 4! […]

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2 Words Could Mean You’re an Addict

It’s very rare that someone actually sets out to become an alcohol or drug “addict.” The dependence and loss of control creep up on people, kind of like the story of the “boiled frog” that lounged comfortably in the nice warm water not noticing the ever-increasing temperature until it was too late. Before you know […]

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From Heroin Using Bank Robber to Family Man

Every day at Action Recovery Group we see small miracles—individuals who have struggled for years with drug or alcohol addiction—starting to get their lives back, one-step-at-a-time. Many come into our drug and alcohol rehab program with a trail of wreckage in their past drinking and using lives—damage to health, family, friends and relationships; loss of […]

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Stand Up for Yourself in Recovery!

One of the great challenges in drug and alcohol addiction recovery is the shame we feel when we consider all that we have lost to addiction, and how we have hurt those we love. Facing up to and feeling legitimate remorse for past mistakes can be very healthy, especially when this feeling motivates us to […]

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Addiction—Pleasure or Pain?

Hi, this is Rick Visser. In my 30 plus years as a substance abuse counselor, I have often heard professionals and recovering addicts express the belief that drug and alcohol addiction are primarily about people running away from, avoiding and self-medicating the stress, pain and pressures of life. While I believe that […]

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Memorial Day and the Addiction Battle

One of the Most Sacred Days of the Year

This coming Monday is Memorial Day, which means a much anticipated 3-day weekend that occurs every year right around the end of school and the start of summer. It means camping, BBQs, yard work and family get-togethers. But for many, it means a whole lot more than […]

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Criminalizing Addiction and Criminalizing Cancer

In spite of overwhelming evidence that criminalizing drug use is not an effective way of reducing crime rates, drug overdoses, or the social issues associated with drug addiction, Attorney General Jeff Sessions moved Friday to roll America’s drug policy back at least a decade. Progress? Not really. Check out the full article here:


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Addicted Mothers

Mother’s Day is Sunday and a real mix of emotions for addicted mothers. At Action Recovery, we find great satisfaction in helping people from all walks of life break free from addiction, and some of our greatest joy comes when we help addicted mothers escape the hell of addiction and reclaim their lives for themselves […]

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Addiction Recovery is 1-2-3

Recently I had a client boldly declare, “Recovery is as easy as 1-2-3!” Of course, very curious to learn what exactly he meant by that, I replied, “Tell me more.”

Enthusiastically he responded, “You know, 1-2-3—the first three Steps in AA. You just keep using those three steps over and over again in daily life.”

I have […]

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12 Steps and Brain Science

If you’re a recovering addict and/or you work in the recovery field, you probably know there’s an ongoing tug-of-war, and sometimes a raging debate, about what is better—12-Step or traditional psychology?

Some in the psychology community have taken it upon themselves to bad-mouth and tear down 12-Step programs at every opportunity. Then there are those from […]

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