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Willpower ≠ Recovery!

Here at Action Recovery Group, a LOT of people come into our drug and alcohol rehab program because they have tried a thousand times to overcome drug or alcohol addiction on their own and they just keep failing! It is very typical for struggling addicts to use one primary strategy in their attempt to break […]

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Action Free Family Education & Support Group

Alcohol and drug addiction happens to the best of families. The more a family can learn about alcohol and drug addiction, the more they can help their struggling loved one, as well as themselves.

Every Monday night, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, one of Action’s professional team presents vital education and support to parents, spouses and […]

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How is Drug Addiction Affecting Your Family?

A big part of recovery success nearly always includes the involvement of the addict’s family. Here at Action Recovery Group, along with a very strong focus on the recovery of the individual, we also provide a lot of education, support and healing opportunities for spouses, parents and other family members. This is essential because addiction […]

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What’s Harder—Recovery or Addiction?

Have you “dabbled” in recovery?

For years I “dabbled” in recovery—trying for awhile but always running back to my addict brain’s go-to-solution for self-medication and self-soothing in the face of life’s pressures and my own unwanted feelings and emotions. Whenever I couldn’t cope with life, I became a sort of “Houdini”–an “escape artist.”

What has your addiction taken […]

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Recovery isn’t just for Celebrities!

We’ve all seen the tabloids plastered with the latest juicy gossip about another celebrity drug scandal, drunken brawl or fifth visit to rehab. Miraculously, there are actually celebs that get clean and stay that way! Here’s a list of 29 top celebrities who did just that—http://ibnlive.in.com/news/10-hollywood-actors-that-have-battled-some-serious-addiction-issues-and-come-out-clean/543478-79.html

The great news is, you don’t have to be a […]

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Your Best Friend in Recovery!

Here at Action Recovery Group we are BIG believers in helping people in recovery build a strong support system around them. This includes our programs and staff here at Action; clean and sober family members and friends; 12-Step support groups; spiritual connections, and many others.

With all of that said, there is one major support that […]

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Addiction—Lack of Willpower or Brain Disease?

It seems that everywhere we look—the mainstream news, Internet, social media, our cities, or even in our own families—someone is struggling with addiction. “Hollywood celebrity enters rehab for the sixth time.” “NFL superstar suspended for drug use loses millions of dollars.” “Utah ranked one of the highest in the nation for drug overdose.” And the list […]

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The “Pink Cloud” of Recovery

A very common “trap” in early drug and alcohol addiction recovery is what we call the “Pink Cloud.” In an article by Andrea King, a professor in the department of psychiatry and director of the Clinical Addictions Research Laboratory at the University of Chicago said this about the Pink Cloud—

“They really need to take it […]

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E-cigarettes—Savior or Killer?

At Action Recovery Group our absolute first priority is to help our clients break free from drug and alcohol addiction—to get clean and sober and stay that way! That’s the primary objective of any competent drug and alcohol treatment program.

But once an individual has long-term sobriety, there is often a desire to begin working on […]

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Drunk Videos aren’t Funny

One of the best sources for “funny home videos” is YouTube. There’s lots there to give you a good laugh. But one area where the YouTube videos are way off base is when they try to turn excessive drinking and drunkenness into a joke. I can tell you from our experience as a drug and […]

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