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Date a Recovering Addict?

The baggage a recovering addict brings to any relationship can seem a bit overwhelming, but the truth is, an addict who has been through recovery may actually have some pretty impressive new credentials that might prove predictive of a very bright future. I mean, how many men and women have spent weeks, even months learning […]

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Tough Love Saves an Addict’s Life!

After more than 30 years in the trenches as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor, I can tell you that perhaps that most important thing you and I can do to help addicts in recovery is “tough love.” If we try to soften, protect them from, or help them avoid the natural consequences of their […]

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What’s Your Addiction “Rock Bottom”?

So, one of the BIG questions that often comes up with drug and alcohol addiction is, “When do you know you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re ready to get into rehab?”

After 30 years as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor, I will tell you that “rock bottom” is different for everyone. For some, all it […]

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A “Reverse New Year’s Resolution”?

Here’s an excerpt from a great article on setting a “Reverse New Year’s Resolution,” or “How to Stay Clean and Sober”—

. . . if you approach it on a moment-to-moment basis, with head down and vision focused on the here and now, lasting sobriety can be achieved, one tiny piece at a time. Only at […]

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Holidays Great Time for Addiction Treatment!

After 30 years of working in the addiction recovery field, I still marvel at how many people think that suggesting a family member enter treatment during the holidays is somehow wrong or cruel or too disruptive. The Holidays can be one of the BEST times to get someone you love into treatment. Check out this […]

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Stop the Lies–Get Sober!

30 Years Helping Addicts Get Sober

For over 30 years I’ve been helping alcohol and drug addicts in Northern Utah get clean and sober. I help addicts move forward to live healthy, happy, successful lives. But, struggling addicts don’t often just come forward and happily enter treatment.

It Takes a Lot of Pain

It usually takes a roller […]

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Pain Pills and Heroin in Utah

I’m old enough to remember how popular heroin was in the 1960s. Even though it had been around for many decades, in the 60s the rate of heroin addiction in Utah and across the nation skyrocketed. Then in the 70s its popularity waned as it was replaced by other drugs of choice. But over the […]

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A Stress-Free Holiday!

The holidays can be stressful for anyone and especially for those in recovery. Even under the best circumstances, stress can trigger relapse. Add holiday stuff into the mix and this time of year can be a huge relapse risk. Be sure to have a Holiday Stress Plan. Check out this article—http://www.hazelden.org/web/public/please_stressless_holiday.page

If you missed our last […]

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What Are Addicts Really Like?

Just who are alcoholics and drug addicts? What are they REALLY like?

Answers from Chris Lawford’s and Patrick Kennedy’s book What Addicts Know may surprise you, but not those of us who work with those struggling with these conditions on a daily basis. Addicts, generally speaking, are among “the most interesting, fascinating, and gifted people.”

This may […]

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“Reefer Madness”—Marijuana and Mental Illness!

With all the work we do at Action Recovery Group helping helping people with drug and alcohol rehab, the focus of course is on highly addictive substances like cocaine, heroin, opiates, meth, alcohol and the like. I see a lot of people make the mistake of thinking another addictive substance—marijuana—is no big deal, nothing to […]

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