What’s Your Addiction “Rock Bottom”?

So, one of the BIG questions that often comes up with drug and alcohol addiction is, “When do you know you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re ready to get into rehab?”

After 30 years as a drug and alcohol addiction counselor, I will tell you that “rock bottom” is different for everyone. For some, all it […]

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Do you have a “Love Addiction”?

Love is in the air!

With Valentines Day around the corner “love is in the air.” But love can take many different forms, even the face of addiction. You may be wondering, what does “love addiction” have to do with Action Recovery Group, a drug and alcohol rehab facility???  One of the things that can create […]

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Are You Truly Motivated to Recover?

“Why can’t he just stop using?“ “Why won’t she change?” These are common questions/frustrations felt by those who love and care about individuals suffering with alcohol or drug addiction. The consequences of substance abuse are immense, yet the addict often doesn’t want to recognize “life out of control” as a compelling enough reason to change. […]

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A “Reverse New Year’s Resolution”?

Here’s an excerpt from a great article on setting a “Reverse New Year’s Resolution,” or “How to Stay Clean and Sober”—

. . . if you approach it on a moment-to-moment basis, with head down and vision focused on the here and now, lasting sobriety can be achieved, one tiny piece at a time. Only at […]

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Holiday Blues and Addiction

We all know that the holidays can be a time of ups and downs emotionally. We can feel loneliness,excitement, anxiety, happiness, sadness and joy—all one right after the other! It can be like an emotional roller coaster ride! The worst part is the these “holiday blues” can make us more vulnerable to drug and alcohol […]

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Drunk on Halloween–the Mask

Holidays can be a big trigger for us addicts. One we don’t often think about is Halloween. It’s a holiday we learned to love early on as kids. We could put on a mask and be anything–a princess, a ninja, a villain or superhero, a monster. Even as adults we still love the idea of […]

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Let’s Talk Recovery Utah–Podcast!

Check out the latest episode from our podcast:  Let’s Talk Recovery Utah.
How to Help an Addicted Loved One AND Take Care of Your Own Healing
Christine openly shares what it’s like to be married to an addict; how to STOP enabling; setting and enforcing boundaries; making the addict responsible for their own recovery; looking to your […]

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What others think ≠ Your Worth!

One of the major contributors to addiction is the fact that we often base our sense of self-worth and peace of mind on what others think of us and how they interact with us—their facial expressions, body language, attitude and words. This is especially true with those we care about most, like a spouse, parent, […]

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The 12 Steps—Super Effective Addiction Recovery!

From time to time, I notice various treatment programs and therapists criticizing the 12 Steps as “ineffective” or “outdated.” When I dig deeper I typically find one or more of the following to be true—

1.  The 12-Step critic is trying to market, sell or promote some kind of alternative treatment philosophy to gain exposure, notoriety […]

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Take the Alcoholism Test to Rate Your Drinking

If you drink, where would you rate yourself on the drinking scale? Occasional drinker; social events only; just on the weekends; I can hold my liquor; I get drunk but it’s no big deal . . .

From a purely factual reality standpoint, many drinkers underestimate or understate their drinking level. This becomes even more prevalent […]

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