Drug Rehab Program

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug produced from the coca leaf plant native to South America. Refined as an illicit drug, it produces short-term euphoria, heightened awareness such as talkativeness, raises the heart rate and blood pressure, and demands more and more of the user with extremely damaging long term health effects and even death.

Cocaine addiction occurs with constant use. The more one abuses it the higher tolerance in the body results demanding more in quantity for the same result.  It is a vicious cycle that requires more than mere wanting to stop; it requires dedicated professionals who care deeply about the addict as a person. Today, with drug rehab at Action Recovery Group, Ogden, Utah, you can put yourself and or a loved one on a new path to health and freedom from cocaine addiction.

You are here because you know how devastating cocaine addiction is and what a complex issue it is to deal with. Without the help of an alcohol or drug rehab and treatment program for cocaine abuse and addiction, the challenge to overcoming the habit and health crisis can become an impossible task.

Intervention by trained experts in the cocaine abuse and addiction field may mean the difference between life saving in the near term and healing the damages to the body in the long term.  Action Recovery Group is ready to help you and those you love.

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Cocaine and the Short Term Effects

Cocaine works as a strong central nervous system stimulant increasing levels of the brain chemical dopamine; a neurotransmitter which regulates and communicates pleasure and reward.  Dopamine is released by neuron cells in a response to potential reward then circulated back into the cell that released it.

Cocaine causes excessive amounts of dopamine to build up in the synapses by blocking the recycling process and ultimately disrupting normal brain communication.

With repeated use addiction occurs along with tolerance, which means the brain signals that it requires more of the stimulant just for the same amplified pleasure from prior uses.

Short term use can lead to major health problems. Stroke, cardiac arrest, and seizures, all have been reported for first time users of Cocaine. Cocaine is abused in three ways: injection, snorting, and by smoking.

There are several slang terms used for Cocaine. They include:










Crack is a crystallized form of the cocaine which is smoked.  The Action Recovery Group offers extra information on  HYPERLINK “http://www.cirquelodge.com/Drug/CrackAddiction.php” crack addiction.

Psychosis and erratic behavior is common with high dose uses. When any form of cocaine is combined with alcohol the effects result in an amplified euphoric sensation from coca-ethylene, a substance the body manufactures that carries with it the increased risk of death.

Long Term Effects

In reality there is no such thing as short-term use with addictions. Drugs which addict have long-term costs in health and lifestyle.

Cocaine abuse has a number of long-term effects which include physical and psychological. Intensified cravings for cocaine as usage continues, only amplifies those unpleasant effects. Additionally, relapse is a real problem among those who manage to succeed in enjoying some periods of abstinence.

Some of the long term effects may include brain damage, cardiovascular harm, toxicity, nasal and lung injury, stroke, paranoia, anxiety, violent behavioral patterns, gastro-intestinal and other internal organ damage. Addiction, of course, is its own long-term effect.

Drug rehab and counseling programs are the start to offsetting these long term effects. Immediate contact with the Action Recovery Group begins the healing and control that can turn a drug addicted life into a life of productivity and freedom again.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Because cocaine is a stimulant and suppresses the appetite, withdrawal symptoms such as increased fatigue, increased appetite, and behaviors such as persistent anger and irritability manifest themselves. Depression inevitably follows.

Although other physical symptoms such as vomiting, hot or cold flashes, hallucination, and uncontrollable shaking also may occur, the most dramatic withdrawal symptom may be intensified cravings. The amplified cravings cause the addicted to test the limits of addiction risking overdose and death.

Cocaine abuse and its addiction can be ultimately fatal without the proper professional help. With the help of Action Recovery Group the highly addictive qualities of cocaine is treatable and a person may be restored to a full and active life free of cravings and the threats companying regular use of the drug.

Future earnings, job prospects, criminal possession and distribution charges leading to impossible back-ground check problems, broken family relationships, financial ruin, pre-mature death; all have been traced back to addictions to cocaine.Effects on Society

The cost to users is enormous and the only winners are the purveyors of the illicit drugs. The destruction of lives and property, jobs and marriages, families and friendships, is real, but the job of the provider is to get more users hooked and the best place to start is with youth.

From a popular website of drug use facts we find the following statistics of drug use in America for the year 2013:

An estimated 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older were current (past month) illicit drug users. This represents 9.4 percent of the population aged 12 or older.

An estimated 2.8 million persons aged 12 or older used and illicit drug for the first time within the past 12 months

See more: http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Drug_Usage#Youth

Addiction Treatment

More than one approach is necessary when dealing with the varied symptoms of cocaine abuse. The Action Recovery Group cocaine rehab programs are multi-dimensional in approach to addiction, including:

One-on-one treatment with medical practitioners

Intensive counseling and therapy

Supporting long-term relapse prevention care.

The addiction treatment programs are and should be highly personal.

A highly effective drug treatment facility for curing cocaine and other drug addictions and abuse is  the Action Recovery Group in Ogden Utah. Action Recovery Group is recognized as one Utah’s leading drug and alcohol treatment facilities. The heart of treatment is on individualized care, therapy and programs focused upon each person’s needs. We encourage you to call today for an assessment at 801-475-4673.