Over 10 years of testing and proving what is required for people to break completely free from drugs and alcohol. We know how to help you and your loved ones.

Spouse, Parent & Family Support

If you have a spouse, child or other family member struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, we understand something of the pain, anger, frustration, confusion or hopelessness you may be feeling. Every one of us at Action has either been through our own successful addiction recovery, and/or has helped a loved one through the process.

While the addict most certainly needs treatment and support, you also need your own support, education and healing. Every Monday evening at Action Recovery Group, we offer FREE assistance for family members. Come and spend some time each week with our professionals and get the help and guidance you need!

Action Recovery Group – Family Support and Education Program

A Healing Process for the Entire Family

Alcohol and drug addiction happens to the best of families. Our interactive, family support and education class allows families dealing with addiction to participate in the healing process. The more a family can learn about alcohol and drug addiction, the more they can help their struggling loved one, as well as themselves. And statistics clearly show that family involvement in an individual’s recovery is essential to long-term sobriety and success.

The Action Family Support & Education Class is FREE to all family members – even if you don’t have a loved one who is a current patient at Action.

Every Monday night at 6:30 pm, family members are invited to attend a 90-minute group support and education class with one of Action’s Addiction Professionals (who are all in long-term successful recovery from addiction). During the family session, you will learn to:

  • Understand how the disease of addiction progresses and exactly what is required for the addict to break free.
  • Take the right steps to get a resistant, uncooperative and even hostile addict into treatment.
  • Stop enabling the addict and start building a strong recovery support system.
  • Pay attention to your own healing and self-care needs.
  • Establish and enforce with the addict healthy boundaries, reasonable requirements and expectations.
  • Read the signs of addiction relapse and avoid being deceived or manipulated.
  • Engage in healthy and productive communication with the addict.
  • Help the addict embrace and live the 12 Steps and implement them in your own life.
  • Help the addict transition from early addiction treatment to life-long sobriety and recovery.
  • Receive support and wisdom from other families who are facing similar challenges.
  • Become a healthy, happy, connected family.

Come and join with us! Together, we can help our struggling loved ones break free from addiction and as families move forward to enjoy peace, happiness, unity and success.

Where: Family Group Room at Action Recovery Group—1708 E. 5550 S. Suite #24, South Ogden

When: Monday Evenings from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Who may attend: Spouses, Parents, Siblings, extended family members—all are welcome. The program is FREE, whether or not you have a family member in addiction treatment at Action.

For more information and to reserve your seats, please call us at: 801-475-HOPE (4673)

* Note: This program is for family support and education only. It is not intended nor designed to provide “therapy.”

Individuals Struggling with Addiction

If you’re struggling under the heavy burden of drug or alcohol dependence, and you want to get your life back, you’ve come to the right place. The Action professional team know how to help you get clean and sober and stay that way! Every one of us at Action has either been through our own successful addiction recovery, and/or has helped a loved one through the process. We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there.

struggling with addiction

If you’ve tried to quit and keep relapsing, don’t lose hope! Even if you’ve been through other programs and have fallen back into your old addiction, we can help you finally succeed! We know where the holes are in your recovery and how to fill them. It’s time for you to try a program and approach that actually work.

While our first priority is to help you stop using drugs and alcohol, we also treat the “whole person” by taking an “overall wellness and life skills” approach:

  • We help you with cravings, impulse control and compulsive behaviors.
  • We focus on teaching you recovery skills, and helping you practice those skills in real-life situations to prevent addiction relapse.
  • We help you identify and deal with the unresolved issues in your life that are negatively controlling you and driving you to drink or use.
  • You learn how to start thinking differently and approach life’s challenges, stresses and problems in healthy, productive ways instead of escaping through drugs or alcohol.
  • Through the Action recovery program you start to regain your self-worth, self-esteem and connect with your higher self and source.

You will learn that “sobriety doesn’t have to be boring!” Through the Action program you will learn how to love life again and have fun! You will start enjoying your favorite hobbies and activities again, and learn to pursue your true talents and passions! You will learn how to have close, loving, successful relationships. With Action, you will start to enjoy a fulfilling, happy successful life!

For more information and to schedule a free initial consultation, please call 801-475-4673, or you may email your questions directly to one of our Action professionals at: help@actiontreatment.com