Yes, We Are Open During COVID-19

As many of you are aware in our effort to follow CDC, as well as State and County health guidelines, Action Recovery Group has implemented many sanitizing and social distancing guidelines. Thanks to our team and community efforts we now can resume community meetings such as Family Education Class, NA, and AA. We are accepting new clients and will continue to hold regular treatment for existing patients and will update you on any adjustments. While all of us have been affected by this virus and have had to make temporary changes, one thing has not changed…




Our Free Initial Consultation to help you:

  • Analyze and understand the severity level of your dependence or addiction.
  • Determine the most effective form of treatment.
  • Address concerns, questions and fears.
  • Provide support and motivation to move forward and start getting your life back.

You can schedule your consultation by calling Action at 801-475-4673. Daytime and evening appointments available.

Free Consultation
“Action taught me how to live this life without the use of drugs, and how to love and treat others. With the team’s help, I became a good father, husband, and citizen. Though it may not seem like much, all of this was impossible for me 8 years ago. Thank you Action!

Recovered Client


Family Education & Support Group

Alcohol and drug addiction happens to the best of families. The more a family can learn about alcohol and drug addiction, the more they can help their struggling loved one, as well as themselves.

Every Monday night, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, one of Action’s professional team presents vital education and support to parents, spouses and other family members who are seeking to support an addict they love.

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Latest from the Blog

No Matter How Deep and Dark the Hell of Addition: There IS a WAY OUT!

-Chad Lundell Interview

Chad Lundell talks raw and real about his journey from the dark pit of addiction to the love and light of recovery. During his darkest times, Chad was using and dealing daily. This led to the destruction of family and friend relationships, a complete loss of peace, purpose and self-worth, and several overdose experiences that required resuscitation to save his life.

Today, Chad is married with two beautiful children; enjoys a super successful career; cherishes close, healthy family and friend relationships, and is active in his Faith. Most importantly, Chad has years of successful sobriety and continues living in effective recovery every day!

To RSVP your seats, call Action at 801-475-4673

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