Paying for Recovery

Paying for drug or alcohol addiction treatment can often seem out of reach. At Action Recovery Group, we have a long-standing reputation for helping individuals, regardless of their financial situation. If you’re trying to figure out how to pay for treatment, we can help.

Our program is highly effective and very affordable

While we have one of the most effective treatment programs in the nation, it has always been a top priority for us to keep the cost of treatment as affordable as possible. Treatment includes:

  • 3 – 9 months (length is determined by our Clinical Director and the patient’s needs) of Intensive Evening Outpatient Treatment directly with Rick Visser and our professional team. Our intensive program is 5 evenings per week (Mon-Fri). This level of consistent, daily treatment is critical to real, lasting results and is far more intensive than most outpatient programs (which usually have a much higher cost than Action).   
  • All of your books, instruction manuals, assignment notebooks, journals and supplies are covered.  
  • There is no charge for random drug screens—they are covered under the program.
  • Initial History and Physical with our medical staff as well as ongoing consultations as needed are covered under the overall program cost.  
  • The weekly Family Support & Education Group meeting with our professionals is free of charge.
  • Once you complete Intensive Treatment, you graduate to our Continuing Care program, which is one evening per week with Rick Visser and our team and lasts for 1-2 years depending on your recovery progress and needs. The full cost is covered.
  • Comprehensive, effective, hands-on treatment and recovery with top professionals for you and your family for up to 2 years or more.

Does Action Recovery Group Accept Medical Insurance?

Yes, we accept most insurance plans. We will contact your insurance provider to obtain all the details regarding your addiction treatment coverage and benefits. 

Does Action Recovery Group Accept Medicaid?

GREAT NEWS! We now officially accept Medicaid Expansion and TAM (Targeted Adult Medicaid). These programs are for low income individuals that may qualify. TAM (Targeted Adult Medicaid) is a program designed to assist those who have one or more of the following qualifications…

  • Chronically homeless
  • Involved in the justice system through probation, parole, or court ordered treatment needing substance abuse or mental health treatment
  • Needing substance abuse treatment or mental health treatment

Please contact Action Recovery Group (801-475-HOPE) to begin the process of applying for one of the Medicaid Programs above.

Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes, we can work with you on an individual basis to create a payment plan based on your financial needs. We can also work with your family and/or Church leaders to make monthly payments as affordable as possible.

Is Drug or Alcohol Treatment Financing Available?

Yes, Action Recovery Group works directly with Zion’s Bank to help individuals who qualify receive loans to help pay for addiction treatment. Our goal is to help you get into treatment with as little financial strain as possible.

Call Us with Questions

If you have questions regarding finances or any of the details regarding our treatment program, please call us at 801-475-HOPE (4673).