Action Recovery Group addiction treatment center in Ogden, Utah provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment to Weber, Davis, Morgan, and Cache Counties. Action Recovery Group utilizes a Bio – Psycho – Social model of treatment. The goal for each client is full recovery from the disease of addiction. We understand that this is a lifetime process and accept that there is no cure for this disease. We believe that any individual with a substance abuse or substance dependence disorders is capable of making the changes that will allow a very productive and fulfilling life for that individual and their families.

We believe in an abstinence model of recovery. We do see that at times, harm reduction models of treatment serves a practical purpose for some substance dependent individuals, however recovery is not a “one size fits all.” We treat those that are able to manage their addiction through thought and behavioral changes and realize that if the ongoing or maintenance use of Buprenorphine or Methadone is required, there are other responsible providers for that kind of treatment.

Abstinence models of recovery treat those individuals that are capable of living drug free lives. Beyond the detoxification process, the use of psychoactive substances that are mind or mood altering

[getting high] is not recognized as full recovery and often means the person has not quit using or is in relapse mode.

Realistically, the goal of any recovery is to raise the individual’s level of functionality and quality of life. Some individuals with co-existing disorders may require the use of medications that are not compatible with this type of recovery, and if taken off appropriate medications, lose quality of life. Again, there are other programs designed to treat those individuals. On the other hand, we know that through careful planning and working with your healthcare provider, many individuals are able to find alternatives to high risk medications for treating these disorders.

Action Recovery Group’s practice is based on staying true to a proven treatment process. We incorporate the practice of 12 Step principles and believe strongly that 12 step support groups are essential for long term recovery.

Action Recovery Group addiction treatment center is an intensive outpatient program lasting approximately 60 days. Once completing the intensive phase of treatment, each client is expected to continue to attend the one to two year weekly aftercare meetings.